Sunday, July 04, 2004

.NET 2.0?????

Microsoft published first public beta of .NET 2.0 and VS.NET 2005, even better a "free" version is now available... and it contains lot of exciting stuff...

I'm thinking about moving to .NET 2.0 right now, in order to make MyOE code base better (use of generic, anonymous methods, etc...).

If you have any argument against the move, please contact me! (

Sunday, June 20, 2004

MyOE is still not dead

Lot of idea for next release of MyOE... and we need a new name too...

Things that will come:
- better view of unread message
- thousand of bug fixes
- some internal design change
- improvement in database stuff (more query)
- draft folder (with clean draft management)
- ...

I have like some ... activity organised by my university for now... will be fine soon...

Friday, April 09, 2004

View message from this contact... (or beer is good for you...)

After some beers, on the way home... I had a flash: I decided to use a relational database for MyOE, I thought it would let me add some "cool feature" that you generally won't find in other mail client... but in reality, what feature did I add?

- Category folder, a folder that shows all the mail of this category (and it's a problem, now I want multiple category... will have to think about it).
- Unread items folder, it will contains... guess what, unread mails!
- Spam message: spam aren't moved to the spam folder, they stay in their folder, the big advantage is that if a message was detected as spam but isn't, if you set it as "non spam", it will be sorted in the right folder, you won't have to move it out the spam folder.
- Big message folder: showing all the message with a big attachments, the idea is that it's an easy search criteria (I know Jhon sent me this mail with this document...).

Yesterday, I added another interresting idea: folder containing message from or sent to a given contact, you just have to drag/drop a contact in your folder list it will create a new folder dedicated to this contact, even more interresting, right click on a contact (in the contact list) and choose "View message from this contact...", the current message list will be filled with message from this contact...

In short: database are cool.

But all this stuff lead me to another reflection: what kind of search is interresting, I guess like me, and like lot of other people, you've came across a situation like this: "where is this f**** mail containing this f***** information that I need NOW?". The big question is what kind of search you need to find this f***** mail NOW?

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Better RSS feed support ...

... for this blog (see and for MyOE.NET (thanks Weber Wang).

MyOE now support Atom feed, rss1.0 and 2.0 feed and display the news in a new list instead of HTML file...

Other important change in MyOE is archiving support, you can now decide how long message are kept and what to do with them after this time (remove, move to trash, archive, ...). I also removed some important bug in thread management: smoother UI, less deadlock, more confidence in my product ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I like open source!

Yup, that's true! I like open source, today I just get a mail with a beautiful ZIP file with outlook express import support for MyOE. Yesterday it was an RSS component made for MyOE. That's the kind of things I won't get with a closed source project...

So this post was just to say thanks to Hervé Poussineau and Weber Wang for their code... and to the rest of the very small MyOE community that becomes a bit less small everyday.

I'm just still troubled by something: I don't get that much feature request, that's strange, at first sight I'd thought I would get lot of request, and only a few actual development. That's almost the opposite. Feel free to post any feature request, to drop your idea and give us feedback!

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Spelling in MyOE!

I get a first version of spelling in MyOE working. You can look the screenshot to get the idea... but even better, you can download and install the daily build in order to play with it.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

MyOE daily binaries!

I made it! MyOE debug build binary, everyday, so you'll be able to see what's up with myoe. The binaries are build everyday at 5am CET.

You need the .NET 1.1 runtime and MDAC version 2.6 or higher. Currently the setup doesn't test the installation of those requirements. (basically if you have myoe 0.5 or older running on your system, you'll be able to run this build).

And euh... yes the build is available from

Feedback about the current build is of course very appreciated!

Spelling in MyOE?

NetSpell seems rather interresting to add into myoe... but myoe need inline "as you type" spelling, not only a spelling dialog.

I'm currently implementing as you type spelling, and I'll even try to include it in the netspell project.

In short: MyOE will get basic spelling very soon.

Monday, March 08, 2004

The question of the day is... does inbox synchronization with your PDA is of any usage?

Codename MyOE.NET Development blog

Yuhuu, I have a working synchronization implementation, for now, I only do weekly recurrence, and recurrence can't be created from the GUI (but can be created from the pocket pc :p)... but it works, I've the perfect copy of my pocket outlook schedule inside myoe, and if I add something in myoe, it's added on the pocket pc.

Source will be commited soon (lot of changes as you guess, no revolution, myoe still works the same way).

Saturday, March 06, 2004

I'm working on recurrent event today (well, I'm sick, so it's more something like: I'll try to work on recurrence :/).

I wonder what kind of recurrence is needed? It seems obvious that we need common: every n days/week/month/year stuff, and be able to limit the recurrence to a number of ocurence or an end date... but what else? do you need something else?

Personnaly, I'd like to add the "period" concept: for instance, you'll define a period called "hollydays" and define an event as "every monday except during my hollydays".

The main problem imho, will be syncing it with external device (or other PIM), vCal doesn't contains such things, pocketpc doesn't (and I think palm doesn't), so syncing will implies some kind of lost.

So the question is: is it worth? The fact is that you'll get at least what a pocket oulook PDA can do, is more worthful?

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Want to see how MyOE.NET schedule looks now? Follow this link.
"Why being modest?"©® ;)

I'm testing Thunderbird... and I'm very happy to discover this mail client... it's slow (I'm syncing my trash account for 3 hours now... only 15.000 mails ;), lot of things that myoe does can't be done with this client (well I guess it does lot of things that myoe doesn't... but hey! you know that my judgement is biased ;).

In short, I thought at first that I would find "a product that maybe one day myoe will reach", it's more "another project in development".

Well... on the other side, I'm not the perfect end user, so please if you use thunderbird, tell me why! If I can borrow some great idea from a project like this one... myoe will just be better.
I took some times for myoe...

I'm currently rewriting the calendar view, in order to show a "true" schedule with hours instead of a "list of events". You're now able to drag your mouse from 2pm to 4pm to create a 2 hour meeting.

PocketPC synchronization will come soon (I rewrote the calendar in order to get my PDA events in myoe), after periodic events will be implemented.

Friday, February 20, 2004

I was like... busy the last two month. The good news is that I've an enhanced myoe built almost ready for release... the bad news is that I need time (or help...) to test it "out of the box".

Other things will come: shared calendar using FTP, pocket pc synchronisation, a new spam filter, ...

Again, I need more time or help, or both...