Monday, May 14, 2007

MyOE 0.15 released

This is mainly a bug fix release for 0.14. It also add support for TNef attachment (winmail.dat) and add some enhancement to calendar.

Download from here


  • Add readonly recurence support (from gcalendar)
  • Add TNEF attachment support
  • Fix problem with reply/forward keeping the bottom-line when clicking on the header text and hitting enter.
  • Fix bug hiding attachment pane when removing one attachment (even if more were present)
  • update ssh with keep alive
  • bug fix while renaming folder with shortcut (space trigger event)
  • Fix filter creation crash if no action or rule is selected (does nothing, maybe we should show a dialog)
  • Added event location and event Transparency
  • Fixed all day event bug (updated event become not "all day")
  • RSS attachment aren't deleted anymore by search
  • Fix bug in FTP Upload
  • Fix bug in spellchecking with unrecognized character

Saturday, May 05, 2007

MyOE 0.14 is here!

Download here

MyOE 0.14 is here... here is the ridiculously incomplete and long change list. And because people like screenshot, here's one:


  • Proxy support 
  • RSS Reader, coming: the categorization of items
  • Bugs fixing
  • Today mail folder: contains mails received the given today, whatever rules are applied to them 
  • Work on filters: enhanced filter performance, new filter manager, new rules’ possibilities (e.g. rules based on string such as “*”)
  • Fixed forward message not included in message
  • add resend message option
  • fix encoding for messages
  • Added error info to RSS
  • RSS folder count bug fixes. Cursor fixes in contact list. Category can now use custom colors.
  • Rss counter fix
  • Category bug fixes, recreate inbox if it doesn't exist
  • Bug fix in date parsing (standard date are parsed correctly again) 
  • IMAP folder and message retrieval
  • Calendar speed up
  • Add highlight search
  • remove event category, merge into calendar concept
  • Added spellchecking 
  • Added highlighting of search result
  • paste image inside mail, spellcheking for html editor (start)
  • Bug fix FTP
  • Add image ftp upload (in progress)
  • Added FTP upload
  • (Re)add compress attachment feature
  • Html editor now handle quoted message, user can remove unanswered message part by hitting ctrl+delete.
  • Bug fixes (thanks Yves Goergen)
  • Fix SMTP code, doesn't send mail anymore (shouldn't at least :p)
  • Fix SMTP auth, login mode is again used if no auth extension is sent by the server.
  • Bug fixes, new contact left panel, rss item can be opened
  • Changed the authentication order so that CRAM-MD5 is attempted if both CRAM-MD5 and PLAIN are available.
  • Added image to drag and drop operation (nice ;)
  • Contact group
  • Added (re-added) import message
  • Added calendar printing (in progress)
  • Fixed properties for RSS repository
  • Fixed image offset for RSSItem (image is now centered) 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented contact to be selectable in the contact list
  • Added category field to RSSItem
  • Updated google calendar lib
  • Fixed POP message handling
  • Added "Download header only" (with indexing support) - Added shortcuts
  • Filter management enhancement, new splashscreen.
  • Mail filter doesn't do spam filtering anymore (a lot faster) - RSS dynamic folder
  • better rss display
  • bug fix in mail encoding
  • RSS Enclosure management
  • (probaly some other things I forgot)

Go and grab it on sourceforge