Sunday, December 10, 2006

MyOE 0.12 released!

MyOE 0.12 is there, lot of changes, try it!

Download it from here!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Server List Dialog & Server Wizard

The wizard for adding server has changed a little bit.

In this scenario everything but your mail address and password are "guessed" by MyOE. It's a little bit easier and faster to configure.

There is also a "Test" button on the server settings, so you can be sure it works before closing the window.

Step 1 : the settings Step 2 : MyOE guess your settings Step 3 : all this is prefilled by MyOE. Step 4 : all this is prefilled by MyOE. Step 5 : It's done

MyOE will also create an identity for your new mail account, this way you'll be able to send mail with your mail address as the from/reply-to field of your mails.

The server list dialog, also changed a little bit, it's easier, more clear.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

MyOE 0.12 is coming

Hi, first of all, where is MyOE 0.11? It's available for a little while now. Basically it just fix important bugs of 0.10 so it's usable.

Who wanna test this version?

What's up for MyOE 0.12?
  • New Server Configuration wizard: you only have to put your mail address and password, MyOE does the rest (well try to ;). The main idea is that MyOE is trying some common pop/smtp server setting combination, the biggest advantage is that you only have to enter to parameter to get a working myoe.
  • Mail printing and print preview. You can print the mail you receive or sent.
  • New To/CC/Bcc fields:
    • Detect contact and underline them
    • Completion (as before)
    • Right click on a contact allow to see contact card or choose send address.
    • Image is shown near known contact
Detailed list
  • Indexed mail now are case insensitive (makes a lot more sense).
  • Printing for mail
  • New contact to/cc/bcc field with smart completion
  • Removed post-build event (not required anymore since HtmlEditor is now included as a subproject of MyOE). Removed unused app config. [source]
  • Added attachment size to attachment in preview and compose 
  • Fixed attachment handling when forwarding text only message 
  • Added option to not keep a draft when closing compose message dlg 
  • Updated attachment and warning image to look better on non-white background 
  • Fixed encoding handling for HTML text, replies should keep accent now 
  • Case insensitive indexing 
  • Fix tooltip on many contacts 
  • Fix bug when clicking on contact panel with no contact
  • Added fade effect for transition in mail, folder, identity and server (tell me if you like)
  • Removed dependendy with MagicLibrary.DLL
  • Removed unused wizards
  • New "new account" wizard
  • MyOE now use local color scheme
  • Shadow helper now manage a cache depending of the Size
  • First mail in a long list is now selected when the first mail is shown on the list, not at the end of the loading.
  • Removed unused file
  • Message now have Uid and MessageId (will allow mail sorting...)
  • Updated filters, better Name
  • Folder and Categories action GUI save change now
  • Filter list dialog is updated, you can edit filter with GUI now
  • Bug fix with mail address parser for mail with "," in their Name
  • Added "Create rule" in message context menu
  • Fix bug that caused mouse capture to be lost on context menu in ListCtrl
  • Fix a bug when creating filters that avoid selecting more than one action
  • Fixed a bug that caused wrong ssl setting to be used for SMTP.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

MyOE 0.10 is out!

MyOE 0.10 is out! The biggest feature of this version is the HTML mail editing, signature and enhanced search. There have been also lot of bug fixes, optimization and little enhancement. Definitly a must have version.

Also it's the first version not marked as "alpha" or "beta", the code start to become stable enough, and we've got enough feature.

Download it from !

For a list of feature:

Some screenshots:






Search Folder & Compose HTML mail

New Attachment Display & Identity Management

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Html Editor in progress

In order to provide MyOE 0.10 html e-mail editing, I'm working on the HTML editor component. Currently based on

I'm doing some UI work, in order to get it ... usable, and because a screenshot is often better than words, here it is:

The next step will be investigating template mechanism in order to let people send beautiful mail.

I also want an easy "reply inline" feature, with coloring, etc...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What's up for MyOE 0.10...?

[updated 11/11/2006]

Current list of changes:

  • No more cross thread in splash screen on first run and for progress line
  • Fix double event entry added in gcalendar while synching
  • Event synching now use one thread per calendar (a lot faster)
  • Event categories are thread safe (should be :p)
  • Big memory improvement: I've fixed an important leak occurring at each mail manipulation (new mail, move mail, filter mail, etc...). MyOE is still quite memory consuming, but it's a lot better now.
  • HTML mail view now show whitespace correctly. Before "<b>test</b> test" was rendered as "testtest" and not "test test".
  • Support for SSL for SMTP server: you can now use google smtp!
  • Signature Handling: The identity option will be back again! You select an identity while writing a mail, it will change the signature, the from, and the reply-to address. The perfect solution to void corporate signature to friend ;)
  • And the last but not least: HTML mail editing, you can now put some formatting in your mail, include images, etc... There are still lot of work to do, but I've managed to send my first mail with some pictures.
  • New Attachment List display, allows removing attachment when composing
  • Last search folder, will show the last complete search done on myoe
  • Mail from/to this contact, click on a contact and show his last mail
  • Added reply-to field on message sent, will allow correct reply even with non-relay smtp, or smtp that change the from address.
  • Message grouping and sorting menu works again as expected (you can sort by subject, from, to, message size, and of course date)

I'll update this post as soon as I get more changes...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

MyOE.NET 0.9

This is mainly a bug fixes release.

  • Google Calendar is working (again)
  • Various small fixes
  • Optimized version (not debug), should be a lot faster on some system.
  • Can be used on Vista (but you may need to give user right to the myoe folder, I'm working to make it work seamlessly).

Grab it at:

Sunday, September 24, 2006

MyOE .NET 0.9 coming soon...

I've been quite busy those days (changing job), but the next version of MyOE is coming soon:

  • Fix the bug with the calendar and google (synch issue, import calendar).
  • Contact display now allow to change contact category.
  • Bug fixes

If you want to get a preview, here is how to compile myoe:

  1. Get latest myoe code from Sourceforge (install Tortoise SVN if you don't have any client).
  2. If you don't have any IDE, install Visual C# Express Edition or SharpDevelop (if it's only for a quick test, I recommand the latest, rather good, fast to install and download). They're both free.
  3. Simply open the myoe solution, and press "F5".
  4. If you have any problem, post a comment, I'll fix asap.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

MyOE 0.8 released

I released MyOE 0.8, most of the change are around the calendar. However this build also contains some bug fixes.



- monthly calendar display, today control include new calendar display
- Added GoogleCalendarFeed Dialog
- Sync with Google Calendar
- Calendar color update
- Enhanced new calendar integration
- Ability to hide/show remote calendar (miss local calendars to the list)
- Add event category edition
- Added the ability to remove events (again)
- Bug fixes: A wrong message id, with some forbidden character like ' crash the synchronization when the mail server is configured as "keep message on server". A replace ' by '' correct this problem. Fix event add. Merge contact now reset selection (now longer edit deleted contact). Other fixes.
- Change calendar display to a new control (better, bigger, faster, more beautiful)
- Change vcalendar import to support gmail WholeDayEvent
- allow images if the sender is in the contact list
- Updated about box.

You can download it from sourceforge:

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Google Calendar inside MyOE!

I've managed to use google calendar API to synchronize google calendars with MyOE, it's based on the pocket pc synchronization code (not very fast), it's not perfect (we still need recurrence for instance), but it's a good start.

All you have to do is to click on the "Add google calendar" button and enter your login password, you'll get a list of your google calendar, and you'll be able to add them to myoe.

And also here is a preview of the new calendar control integrated inside MyOE:

MyOE.NET 0.8 is coming... ;)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

What's for 0.8?

I'm starting to work on the MyOE release, change will include:

  • bug fixes (it's critical to send me any problem, especially the blocking one)
  • New calendar display

I'm rewriting from scratch the calendar display control, it's starting to work as expected, it will fix the display of multiday event, be more easy on the eyes and will fix the design flaw related to calendar display (mixing presentation and business layer). I've also greatly enhance the algorythm used to display concurrent event, it's almost perfect now.

And because a picture is worth a thousand words: (all we need to do now is integrate in myoe, match the color, and ... lot of stuff)

Monday, August 21, 2006

New MyOE version 0.7

After two years of hibernation, here is the next release of MyOE. This version non-exhaustively encompasses:

  • Indexed search in mail
  • New contact display (with contact picture)
  • Performance and memory enhancement
  • Remove the newsgroup support (not required by users, buggy)
  • Synchronized iCal events display
  • Easier contact management
  • Enhanced html mail display
  • Thousands of bugfixes

This is still an alpha release, but we're getting closer to the feature freeze (maybe :p).

Uh and you can get it from here:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Subversion repository

I've just added the source (lot of change since last CVS commit), but on subversion this time.

You can access the subversion repository from:

Note: it should work, if you have any problem, contact me.

MyOE with Contact Picture

I just added to the mail client contacts picture, with that feature, you simply add picture to your contact (like you would do in Windows Live Messenger), and you can see the contact picture in your contact list and mails.

(See Dilbert's picture here)