Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spellchecking and upload attachment

I've found some interresting doc about mshtml feature, so I was able to fix some long time issue with the message editor in MyOE and add some useful feature.



  • Upload attachment instead of sending them
  • Add image miniature in mail, upload original images
  • Spell Checking support
  • MyOE now give an approximation of the message size in the status bar.
  • When you it enter inside a quoted message, you'll be able to add your comment/answer without the quote bar. (in short: it works as expected).
  • Zip attachment is back!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Proxy support in MyOE

I've added Proxy support in MyOE, now you can add proxies server and chain them. Proxy chaining mean that one proxy will use another proxy to establish the connection... Imagine you have an ssh server running on port 443, and your company allows you to connect to HTTPS website through an HTTP proxy... that's the opportunity to do POP over SSH over HTTP... [of course, read your company policy before doing so...].

Oh, and by the way 0.14 is coming very soon.

And now the question: do you need socks proxy?

Friday, March 02, 2007

RSS reader in MyOE

I've added an RSS reader panel to MyOE. Now you can read your favourite feeds.

What we have now:

  • Atom, Rss, almost any format
  • Enclosure downloading
  • Feed image support
  • Synchonize all the feed in parallel
  • Unread items counter appear in SwitchBar (like mail now).


What feature would you like?

MyOE.NET 0.13 is here!

Grab it and download it! from here !