Friday, October 31, 2003

MyOE 0.5 released!

And I'm already working on next version:
- basic mail archiving (got too much spam, want to archive them ;).
- mail list update themselve during synchronization.
- ...

I want to do things like:
- Allow filter to have more than one action (change category to X, move to folder Y and mark as read).
- Implement "database plugin" in order to use something else than access.
- Make archive accessible in some myoe functionnalities (search for instance).
- Move spam informations to a database (text file sux).
- Mail threading for mailing list discussion. (any idea of a suitable algo?)
- Notes, like post it, on ... everything (mail, event, etc...). I need to think about that.
- Welcome wizard to match "user profile".
- Lot of other things.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

In the category "stupid fun facts": current myoe code counts 73.217 lines of code and the new plugin interface dll counts 5.367 line of codes). Of course, some code were generated (but not that much).

That's also a quick demonstration of the interrest of the new plugin architecture: someone who want to create a plugin for myoe should need to understand ~5000 loc instead of the +70.000 of myoe... so what are you waiting? code! ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Download Security Library cool! I guess myoe will get SSL support soon! (sourceforge can be a test NNTP server). In fact, the best would be to setup a "socket plugin" component, to allow:
- to externalize socket management
- to add more stuff like proxy, secure connection, ssh tunneling, whatever from outside myoe.

I think something like a dll implementing a ISocket factory (ISocket will be the myoe interface used) could do the job. We'll also need a way to add settings to specific items, like adding stuff to ServerItem configuration, FolderItem, etc... this could REALLY makes plugins more powerfull. For now extending UI is only supported to add configuration page to host configuration dialog.
Plugins are on the way, database will be plugins soon (I want to be able to switch database in some click, to archive data, etc...). Message sorting/filtering rules are being rewritten from scratch to be more flexible, more powerful and faster. Later plugins will be able to integrate themselves in more part of myoe, the idea is still the same: make a rock solid core with tons of plugins around, the core should remains stable in the worst condition.

The whole myoe design switch from many classes to some visible interfaces.

The question is: will it be used by third party one day? will you develop plugins? I've seen lot (really;) of people interrested in myoe, some of them proposed their help, but only a few did... I'm changing myoe design to make the "get into the code" step easier and at least it will make development easier, even for me, but making a plugin architecture if it's not used, does it worth the effort?

Monday, October 06, 2003

MyOE sources (daily) and plugin sources available here!.

Friday, October 03, 2003

I *want* RSS... I'm not used to blog, I just setup the things, and it (should) work... so if anyone with some experience in blogging could tell me a way to get RSS feed from my blog... I've searched on the net, fall on 8000 broken url or buggy stuff, but not a solution, any idea?
Plugins, plugins again plugins...

It becomes more attractive, now notification and traybar icons are plugins, I hope they'll be enhanced by... you!

But I've a little problem, I wanted to generate documentation from the myoe sources (this should help future plugins developer), but it doesn't work very well, on this machine it takes hour, and end with a beautiful "error code 0"... if anyone with some experience in ndoc/C#XML doc could have a look, it would be very great!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Plugins are on the way! You can now hook events in myoe (new message, new events, etc...) and do what you want from this event!

Soon you'll be able to add custom settings in the preference dialog...

This should make myoe code simpler, easier to understand, easier to debug... and maybe we will even have some motivated people to create some more plugins. For now the small notification windows is done with a plugin, if someone want to enhance it, send me a message, I'll send him a pre-version of the plugin SDK.