Sunday, December 10, 2006

MyOE 0.12 released!

MyOE 0.12 is there, lot of changes, try it!

Download it from here!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Server List Dialog & Server Wizard

The wizard for adding server has changed a little bit.

In this scenario everything but your mail address and password are "guessed" by MyOE. It's a little bit easier and faster to configure.

There is also a "Test" button on the server settings, so you can be sure it works before closing the window.

Step 1 : the settings Step 2 : MyOE guess your settings Step 3 : all this is prefilled by MyOE. Step 4 : all this is prefilled by MyOE. Step 5 : It's done

MyOE will also create an identity for your new mail account, this way you'll be able to send mail with your mail address as the from/reply-to field of your mails.

The server list dialog, also changed a little bit, it's easier, more clear.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

MyOE 0.12 is coming

Hi, first of all, where is MyOE 0.11? It's available for a little while now. Basically it just fix important bugs of 0.10 so it's usable.

Who wanna test this version?

What's up for MyOE 0.12?
  • New Server Configuration wizard: you only have to put your mail address and password, MyOE does the rest (well try to ;). The main idea is that MyOE is trying some common pop/smtp server setting combination, the biggest advantage is that you only have to enter to parameter to get a working myoe.
  • Mail printing and print preview. You can print the mail you receive or sent.
  • New To/CC/Bcc fields:
    • Detect contact and underline them
    • Completion (as before)
    • Right click on a contact allow to see contact card or choose send address.
    • Image is shown near known contact
Detailed list
  • Indexed mail now are case insensitive (makes a lot more sense).
  • Printing for mail
  • New contact to/cc/bcc field with smart completion
  • Removed post-build event (not required anymore since HtmlEditor is now included as a subproject of MyOE). Removed unused app config. [source]
  • Added attachment size to attachment in preview and compose 
  • Fixed attachment handling when forwarding text only message 
  • Added option to not keep a draft when closing compose message dlg 
  • Updated attachment and warning image to look better on non-white background 
  • Fixed encoding handling for HTML text, replies should keep accent now 
  • Case insensitive indexing 
  • Fix tooltip on many contacts 
  • Fix bug when clicking on contact panel with no contact
  • Added fade effect for transition in mail, folder, identity and server (tell me if you like)
  • Removed dependendy with MagicLibrary.DLL
  • Removed unused wizards
  • New "new account" wizard
  • MyOE now use local color scheme
  • Shadow helper now manage a cache depending of the Size
  • First mail in a long list is now selected when the first mail is shown on the list, not at the end of the loading.
  • Removed unused file
  • Message now have Uid and MessageId (will allow mail sorting...)
  • Updated filters, better Name
  • Folder and Categories action GUI save change now
  • Filter list dialog is updated, you can edit filter with GUI now
  • Bug fix with mail address parser for mail with "," in their Name
  • Added "Create rule" in message context menu
  • Fix bug that caused mouse capture to be lost on context menu in ListCtrl
  • Fix a bug when creating filters that avoid selecting more than one action
  • Fixed a bug that caused wrong ssl setting to be used for SMTP.