Sunday, October 15, 2006

What's up for MyOE 0.10...?

[updated 11/11/2006]

Current list of changes:

  • No more cross thread in splash screen on first run and for progress line
  • Fix double event entry added in gcalendar while synching
  • Event synching now use one thread per calendar (a lot faster)
  • Event categories are thread safe (should be :p)
  • Big memory improvement: I've fixed an important leak occurring at each mail manipulation (new mail, move mail, filter mail, etc...). MyOE is still quite memory consuming, but it's a lot better now.
  • HTML mail view now show whitespace correctly. Before "<b>test</b> test" was rendered as "testtest" and not "test test".
  • Support for SSL for SMTP server: you can now use google smtp!
  • Signature Handling: The identity option will be back again! You select an identity while writing a mail, it will change the signature, the from, and the reply-to address. The perfect solution to void corporate signature to friend ;)
  • And the last but not least: HTML mail editing, you can now put some formatting in your mail, include images, etc... There are still lot of work to do, but I've managed to send my first mail with some pictures.
  • New Attachment List display, allows removing attachment when composing
  • Last search folder, will show the last complete search done on myoe
  • Mail from/to this contact, click on a contact and show his last mail
  • Added reply-to field on message sent, will allow correct reply even with non-relay smtp, or smtp that change the from address.
  • Message grouping and sorting menu works again as expected (you can sort by subject, from, to, message size, and of course date)

I'll update this post as soon as I get more changes...


Anonymous said...

After 2 years of nothing it's great to see this project back on rails !
Furthermore myOE integrate GoogleCalendar ( nice ) but:

- what about a plugin system (aka thunderbird)
- portability (for linux users)
- i remember a thread about the possibility to use a sgbdr to store data : what about ?

Anonymous said...

Multilanguage Support ?

Quentin said...

Quick answers:

- Portability, imho, it won't come soon: I use lot of Windows specific stuff, and I'm not using linux everyday. However if someone want to study the port to linux, I'd be happy of that, and I will of course provide help.
- rdbms (et non sgbdr, les non-francophones ne vont pas comprendre ;): MyOE is using Microsoft Jet database. It should be that hard to move to another database. However, I can't pretend the myoe database schema is a complete, pure and elegant relational schema. (on the other it's efficient).
- regarding plugin, I should make post about it. We have plugins for mail filtering and spam filtering. However I'm not sure a plugin system for everything is the good approach, for a small project like MyOE.

And to give feedback on localization (multi-language support), it's planned. But as long as myoe is changing very often, I'm not hoping to get lot of people to make translation.