Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Server List Dialog & Server Wizard

The wizard for adding server has changed a little bit.

In this scenario everything but your mail address and password are "guessed" by MyOE. It's a little bit easier and faster to configure.

There is also a "Test" button on the server settings, so you can be sure it works before closing the window.

Step 1 : the settings Step 2 : MyOE guess your settings Step 3 : all this is prefilled by MyOE. Step 4 : all this is prefilled by MyOE. Step 5 : It's done

MyOE will also create an identity for your new mail account, this way you'll be able to send mail with your mail address as the from/reply-to field of your mails.

The server list dialog, also changed a little bit, it's easier, more clear.

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