Sunday, February 25, 2007

MyOE.NET 0.13

The next version of MyOE will contain:

  • New look "à la Office 2007".
  • Mail/Calendar/Contacts/Search quick button, no more deep folder tree where to find it.
  • New calendar control, with better selection support
  • New contact list look with the ability to show contact only from given categories.
  • Bug fix with SMTP and SSL account (gmail smtp for instance).
  • Menu and toolbar depends of what you're playing with (contact, mail, calendar, etc...) with an extensible design.
  • Performance improvement.
  • And of course a collection of bug fixes

Some screenshots:

I'm also thinking about adding RSS feed reader, for real, 'cause I can't find a good feed reader that fit my needs... having suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I've been using RSS Bandit. I like it and there working on a new version. There is a release candidate version for download.

On a side note. How much trouble would it be to make MyOE.Net portable. I know the computer would have to have .net installed but if all that is needed is just use an INI file instead of the registry that would be great. I'm using a lot of portable software now days.
I'm even using it on my home computer just to keep the registry as small as possible.

Just a suggestion.



Quentin said...

Thanks for the feedback, I'll have a look to RSSBandit.

Regarding the configuration for myoe, everything (mail, account, contact, configuration, parameter) but system dependant setting (basically windows size and position) is inside a single database in the "My Document" folder. I didn't thought about the "portable scenario" only about the "reinstall scenario". It shouldn't be that hard to tell myoe to use a database on an USB key (however there may be some issue regarding performance and lifetime of the memory...).

I'm also thinking about an option to export everything but the mail. I'm also searching for a way to configure proxy/smtp server according to the location. But I need the technical solution first... implementation shouldn't be the problem.

For now, with the current version, you have to copy the "My Mail accounts.mdb" database to the current user's document folder for it to work.