Friday, March 02, 2007

RSS reader in MyOE

I've added an RSS reader panel to MyOE. Now you can read your favourite feeds.

What we have now:

  • Atom, Rss, almost any format
  • Enclosure downloading
  • Feed image support
  • Synchonize all the feed in parallel
  • Unread items counter appear in SwitchBar (like mail now).


What feature would you like?


JHP said...


I would find interesting to be able to categorize feeds item, just like one can have different mail categories.

thk, Julie

Anonymous said...

Source code so that I can add IMAP support! POP3 just isn't used in a corporate environment...

Quentin said...


Source code *is* available, it's on the subversion repository, always up to date, with latest development in progress.

Have a look to:

Anyway, if you really plan to implement IMAP, contact me by mail, I can probably help ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL. I was trying to checkout the code using


Richard Bourque said...

I'm looking for an email client to replace Thunderbird in 3 of our offices and 30 roaming users. I like the look of your program, it's perfect for our needs, and want to use a specialized version for internal use in our company.

I will need two things before this program can implemented.

1. IMAP instead of POP
2. CRAM_MD5 SMTP authentication. I could possibly change our systems to TLS, depends on how much time I have...

Anyways I noticed that you have IMAP partially written already. How much work do you have left to do, and where should I concentrate on helping you out? I can maintain two versions, your generic version and our specialized version. (long story, I can explain in an email...)

Drop me an email if you have a chance. 68kyote AT

Anonymous said...

System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.CreateHandle(CreateParams cp)
Global.Main(String[] args)

under 98se, can't even open it,
in 2008, emClient now opens ... .

I don't even know what your application is, i'm blind .. .