Monday, May 14, 2007

MyOE 0.15 released

This is mainly a bug fix release for 0.14. It also add support for TNef attachment (winmail.dat) and add some enhancement to calendar.

Download from here


  • Add readonly recurence support (from gcalendar)
  • Add TNEF attachment support
  • Fix problem with reply/forward keeping the bottom-line when clicking on the header text and hitting enter.
  • Fix bug hiding attachment pane when removing one attachment (even if more were present)
  • update ssh with keep alive
  • bug fix while renaming folder with shortcut (space trigger event)
  • Fix filter creation crash if no action or rule is selected (does nothing, maybe we should show a dialog)
  • Added event location and event Transparency
  • Fixed all day event bug (updated event become not "all day")
  • RSS attachment aren't deleted anymore by search
  • Fix bug in FTP Upload
  • Fix bug in spellchecking with unrecognized character


ripi1000 said...

Hello, your programm could be one of the best email programms!

If you go straight forward as you did in the past, it will be a really cool app.

A killerfeature schould be a calendar subscription for an exchange server :-)
greetz from germany and keep up that great work

Bala said...

your application is really nice.
Great job man!!!

Francisco said...


I would like to suggest you to add support for Lotus Domino accounts.

In many corporate networks Lotus Domino is used as the mail server.

Although the Lotus Domino server can be configured to support IMAP and POP, because of a reason I do not achieve to understand, those protocols are always disabled by the server administrator.

As your client is much better than Lotus Notes, if you would add support for this kind of server many people would be willing to use MyOE.

Microsoft has something similar for Outlook, namely the Outlook Connector for Domino, but its development seems to be staled and it is quite buggy.


NiceGuyUK said...

...and if you do want that Lotus integration, IBM have a "Red paper" PDF on the subject at

Anonymous said...

is it possible to make a "notes" to e-mails? I think, that it can be very usefull function and I can't find it in any program.


Pablo said...


I would like to be able to configure the settings of a proxy to import a google calendar. Now it is impossible for me to achieve this. I get a proxy authentication error.

Anonymous said...

System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.CreateHandle(CreateParams cp)
Global.Main(String[] args)

under 98se, can't even open it,
in 2008, emClient now opens ... .

I don't even know what your application is, i'm blind .. .


gabro said...


your MyOE is a very interesting program!

I would like to know if you are planning a future MyOE version?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice program, im getting errros though when i try to use my own ssl certificates. Autoclose on invalid ssl = bad :)
You should still be able to accept invalid ssl

Application Security said...

hey,application is really nice.

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