Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Plugins are on the way, database will be plugins soon (I want to be able to switch database in some click, to archive data, etc...). Message sorting/filtering rules are being rewritten from scratch to be more flexible, more powerful and faster. Later plugins will be able to integrate themselves in more part of myoe, the idea is still the same: make a rock solid core with tons of plugins around, the core should remains stable in the worst condition.

The whole myoe design switch from many classes to some visible interfaces.

The question is: will it be used by third party one day? will you develop plugins? I've seen lot (really;) of people interrested in myoe, some of them proposed their help, but only a few did... I'm changing myoe design to make the "get into the code" step easier and at least it will make development easier, even for me, but making a plugin architecture if it's not used, does it worth the effort?

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