Friday, October 31, 2003

MyOE 0.5 released!

And I'm already working on next version:
- basic mail archiving (got too much spam, want to archive them ;).
- mail list update themselve during synchronization.
- ...

I want to do things like:
- Allow filter to have more than one action (change category to X, move to folder Y and mark as read).
- Implement "database plugin" in order to use something else than access.
- Make archive accessible in some myoe functionnalities (search for instance).
- Move spam informations to a database (text file sux).
- Mail threading for mailing list discussion. (any idea of a suitable algo?)
- Notes, like post it, on ... everything (mail, event, etc...). I need to think about that.
- Welcome wizard to match "user profile".
- Lot of other things.

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