Wednesday, September 06, 2006

MyOE 0.8 released

I released MyOE 0.8, most of the change are around the calendar. However this build also contains some bug fixes.



- monthly calendar display, today control include new calendar display
- Added GoogleCalendarFeed Dialog
- Sync with Google Calendar
- Calendar color update
- Enhanced new calendar integration
- Ability to hide/show remote calendar (miss local calendars to the list)
- Add event category edition
- Added the ability to remove events (again)
- Bug fixes: A wrong message id, with some forbidden character like ' crash the synchronization when the mail server is configured as "keep message on server". A replace ' by '' correct this problem. Fix event add. Merge contact now reset selection (now longer edit deleted contact). Other fixes.
- Change calendar display to a new control (better, bigger, faster, more beautiful)
- Change vcalendar import to support gmail WholeDayEvent
- allow images if the sender is in the contact list
- Updated about box.

You can download it from sourceforge:

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MeetJayBlack said...


I have been following up the CalenderDayView Control in Code Project. Looks like you have taken the control to it's next level. I have used the same control in my project but I'm having lots of issues with it. I would really appreciate if you can share the code for your control. So that I can use your one and then customize further. This is very very critical for me. My mail address is