Sunday, September 24, 2006

MyOE .NET 0.9 coming soon...

I've been quite busy those days (changing job), but the next version of MyOE is coming soon:

  • Fix the bug with the calendar and google (synch issue, import calendar).
  • Contact display now allow to change contact category.
  • Bug fixes

If you want to get a preview, here is how to compile myoe:

  1. Get latest myoe code from Sourceforge (install Tortoise SVN if you don't have any client).
  2. If you don't have any IDE, install Visual C# Express Edition or SharpDevelop (if it's only for a quick test, I recommand the latest, rather good, fast to install and download). They're both free.
  3. Simply open the myoe solution, and press "F5".
  4. If you have any problem, post a comment, I'll fix asap.

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